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Updated: May 31st, 2020, 8:30pm Mountain Standard Time

The Wood Winds Breck Team treats the health and wellness of our guests, clients, employees, and our community with absolute respect and diligence. Due to the orders imposed on us by the state of Colorado and Summit County because of the serious impacts and apprehensiveness of COVID-19; The Wood Winds Breck Team has taken further precautions in our rental units, office spaces, as well as, following the rules and guidelines in the Town of Breckenridge for the Coronavirus Response.  

As of March 16th, 2020 The Wood Winds Breck office has been temporarily closed to walk-in traffic.

Wood Winds HOA Management was deemed an “essential business,” thus our office has remained closed to outside contact, but our staff continues to work hard. Our staff has strictly followed the guidelines of social distancing, wearing masks, and refraining from the gathering of 10 or more people. Due to extended ordinance in Breckenridge for the coronavirus response, The Wood Winds Office will remain closed to non-staff. We will host meetings virtually, require appointments for in-person meetings, and we will explain guidelines to check-in/check-out processes when guests are able to visit the town again. For all in-person meetings, we will be requiring all individuals to wear masks. 


Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5:00pm

Saturday: 8:30am-12:30pm

Sunday: Closed 

When will Wood Winds Lodging be able to book guests in short-term rentals?

As of the new guidelines presented on the week of May 25th, 2020 by the governing body of Breckenridge and Colorado, all short-term lodging operations are able to start operating and excepting guests on June 1st, 2020. The Wood Winds Lodging has been following the strict protocols prohibiting short-term rentals through this date. We are genuinely looking forward to greeting our guests for the summer when the rules are lifted.  For more information on short-term rental information click here. 

Unfortunately, with the coronavirus response in Breckenridge, as of May 31st, 2020 Wood Winds Lodging will not be able to open the pool and/or the hot tub amenities for the short-term rental reservations. The communal pools and hot tubs, such as, the Upper Village Pool, the Columbine Pool, and the Ski Hill Pool will not be able to open to guests until further notice. 


When are second-homeowners able to visit their homes in Breckenridge?

The order set in place by Summit County states, “second-homeowners are strongly encouraged to avoid visiting their second home unless required for necessary activities or necessary travel as defined by the state of Colorado and Summit County.” The Wood Winds Team is taking this order seriously and would advise our second-homeowners to avoid visiting Breckenridge unless it is considered essential home maintenance. We tremendously care about our second-homeowners health and well-being, thereby we recommend that these owners follow Gov. Jared Polis’ order of staying within 10 miles of their home and avoiding travel from county to county for leisure or recreation.

What has Wood Winds Lodging done to sanitize our rental properties before guests arrive?

Our contracted cleaning teams have been working consistently through the shutdown of short-term rentals to deep clean the units and sanitize them. With our coronavirus response, our team wants to ensure our guest’s safety when they arrive and we want our guests to know that we have taken all of the cleaning precautions throughout each rental space. Therefore, as a guest, your can feel extremely comfortable booking any of our short-term rental units for your summer vacation. Click here to book your summer vacation. 

Before the guest’s stay, Wood Winds Lodging and the cleaning team will be posting the statement (shown in the picture below) within the unit to ensure that the unit has been thoroughly sanitized and cleaned. 

What is Wood Winds Realty, Inc. doing for real estate showings, client, or potential client meetings?

Wood Winds Realty, Inc. is taking strong precautions when it comes to showing houses, meeting with clients, or potential clients. We are conducting all meetings virtually or scheduling one-on-one appointments. We have also created a virtual tour of the properties we are selling in Breckenridge. More virtual tours are being created. Check out the virtual tour of 384 Blue Ridge Rd. 

The Wood Winds message to our guests, homeowners, and clients.

Wood Winds Breck will continue to do its part to stop the spread of COVID-19. We greatly encourage all visitors, employees and the community to follow health department guidelines. We will continue to work closely with national, state and local agencies to keep guests and employees safe. For more information regarding COVID-19, Summit County guidelines, and Colorado orders, please see the links below.

Summit County COVID-19 Updates

Colorado COVID-19 Updates

CDC COVID-19 Updates 


Stay Healthy and Stay Safe.
Thank you from the Wood Winds Team 
For further questions, please call our office. (970) 453-0458 or email us at


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